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Unlike other forms of mass marketing, Search Engine Marketing along with Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers a highly targeted solution for getting your dealership discovered by potential customers. Your dealership's visibility increases because it is promoted right on the search results pages for customers looking for your services.


While traditional/offline marketing like radio or television drives digital traffic; consumers have migrated (in mass) to online search engines and automotive marketplaces. Only the savviest, strategic and tactical marketers will succeed at funneling each city's in-market auto "hand-raiser" traffic to their virtual and physical stores.

DX3 Digital combines your dealer's dominance of consumer-driven Google search results with the precision of targeted Facebook multi-media ads. Simply put, we optimize your digital marketing budget while integrating your offline and online message to the marketplace.

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With DX3's fully managed SEM campaigns your business is protected against unintentionally wasting marketing investment. We ensure your advertisements target only consumers with an expressed, or predetermined, want or need for your vehicle, parts, or service offerings.

We position your dealership as the incontestable, "best place to buy and receive expert advice and customer service." Once we have the full attention of each community's in-market low funnel shoppers we keep your offers, vehicles, and value proposition in front of them through retargeting. As each customer continues their online search activity, there will be no hiding from a DX3 targeted digital ad campaign.


The systems used by DX3 dynamically generates inventory based ads for the Google Ad Network and offers the following features.


Our systems do not take a rocket scientist to operate. Simply select the options you want, and it will generate and manage everything for you.


Once configured, our system takes over all the work of producing and launching ads on an hourly basis. It will even adjust or remove ads which are not compelling customers to visit your site.


Each of these generated ads routes any clicked traffic right back to the VDP's on your site, or if needed it will create a landing page for each vehicle's ad.


With a real-time connection to our inventory manager, updates or changes in your inventory status appear instantly. Our system removes all the stress of maintaining your ads.


Many pay-per-click campaigns ultimately end up costing more money than they are worth because the campaign manager will not update their keyword focus, set improper targets for those ads, overload their keyword focus with poorly performing words, create a forgettable ad, or any number of other reasons. To avoid all those headaches, the ad systems at DX3 continuously analyzes your dealer's overall PPC health to ensure that your campaigns function at their highest potential. It will automatically update your PPC to avoid any pitfalls which might prevent your ad campaign from accurately targeting the people who want or need your services. Our system will even take steps to re-target those same people to ensure that your ads are landing in front of the right shopper at the right time.

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